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Kilmainham Courthouse Dublin 


Tops Fuel Depot Dublin Port

Aug 2014


Jade Industrial were engaged by Knights to design and build a fully shrink wrapped safety and access scaffold to two number bunded fuel tanks at Dublin Port. Due to existing site layout and the network of fuel lines and distribution pipes, moving materials to the works area was extremely challenging. To overcome these issues, Jade designed a loading bay scaffold which allowed materials to be off loaded and carried over the perimeter wall to the vicinity of the tanks. Using our cuplock scaffold system, we then proceeded to erect a fully boarded scaffold around the perimeter of each tank with a link walkway for access between. Given the hazardous nature of activities on site, safety was paramount at all times, particularly due to the requirement for a hot works permit for installation of shrink wrap, in the vicinity of a fuel storage area. Utilising our experienced industrial shrink wrap installation team, Jade managed safely encapsulate both tanks with our Verisafe Flame Retardant product providing complete containment for blasting and coating works. This project  showcases our ability to safely provide access and containment services in a busy and challenging industrial environment.